Sep 10

Time Management and Productivity Part ll

My mother always said “make sure you eat a good breakfast before starting your day.” Believe me; this does make a huge difference. Therefore make sure you eat! Make sure it is something healthy.

Here are things you need to disconnect from while you are working.


  1. No texting unless it’s an emergency
  2. No Facebook or Twitter
  3. No reading or sending emails
  4. No web surfing unless
  5. Other social media outlets


You can only use any of the above if it is business related. Stick to your plan and be productive. Take this serious and build good productivity habits.

You want to get as much done as you can in a short amount of productive time. If you want to do anything I mentioned above then do it during down time. Yes, down time. It could be the times you’re sitting on your couch watching nonsense television or something. It could be while you are sitting and waiting or commuting by train or bus.

All of the above are time stealers and distractions. Learn to manage your time with each one. Set a specific amount of time you want to spend on everything I mentioned above. Set a timer and stop when it goes off.


For Facebook, make sure you don’t waste time going through other people’s pages to read their useless drama, look at pictures, and watch videos. If you use Facebook as an avenue for your business do just that.

As for Twitter, don’t waste time reading useless Tweets. Get on there to Tweet, re-Tweet, and follow. Forget the useless drama!


Pick a time that you will spend with email. If you are one that always checks email when you hear the notification chime you must stop that behavior immediately.

It’s important you have an email address that is strictly for business emails as well as emails from friends and family. Keep them separate and organized. If you must subscribe to unnecessary junk, which I totally do not recommend. Use a separate email for that too.

Don’t jump to reply to text message as soon as it comes in. Everything is not an emergency. If it’s something that needs your immediate attention then respond immediate. If not, give yourself a time frame to respond.

I remember when I used to get text messages I would respond the second it came through. I developed a horrible habit. I used to keep my phone with me all the time. Now I put it on the counter when I come in the house and  it stays.

Developing good productivity and time management habits will condition your mind not to waste time with these outlets. They are productivity time stealers if you don’t manage them well.

Make it a point to let everyone know about your texting, email, and social media habits so they know you are not ignoring them.

I check my email three times a day. Once in the morning, mid to late afternoon, and once in the evening. I respond to non-emergency text messages twice a day.

Developing great time management and productivity skills will definitely help keep you on track with your business.

Set your time up in uninterrupted focused segments. Your segment should be about 60-120 minutes. During your time segments you can’t do anything that doesn’t have to do with the reason you scheduled the time.

If you are having trouble with managing your time I advise you to use an alarm/timer and a white board or poster board.

Keep track of everything you do when it comes to your business. This will help you see where you spend most of your time and what you need to scale back on.

Make it a point to have some down time in between the focused work segments. It’s a good thing to shut your mind off for a while and incorporate relaxation time. This is in addition to the 30-60 minute energizing morning time. This is a perk of having a business!

That’s it for now! Until next time be prosperous, positive, and go out there and kick butt, make deals, and take names.


Aug 25

Time Management & Productivity Part 1


The way you approach your day is very important. It plays a major factor in your entrepreneur lifestyle, your success, and your life period.

Set your day up in short time increments so you won’t get burned out. There is no need to sit hours upon hours in front of the computer. It is out of balance and you need breaks.

Make sure you are very productive when you decide on the times you will work. Make sure your time is being spent on things that will impact you and your business in a positive manner. When it’s work time it is game on!

You can’t waste your time on things that will not progress you or your business during working hours. Every night before you relax and shut down your mind; know that the next day will bring forth productivity. You are going to hit the ground running after you have YOU time.


Ask yourself this question frequently while you are working…..

Is this the best use of my time?

Post it where you can see it!

Ask when you are idling on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media outlet. Ask when you are surfing the web beyond the research you need to do. Ask when you are texting beyond what needs to be texted.


Your day needs to have structure whether you are just starting your business, or it is already established. Don’t be the person that rolls over as soon as you open your eyes and check stats on your phone, turn on your laptop, send out email, or do Facebook or Twitter updates. That is not productivity. That is being addictive and developing bad habits. Don’t forget the YOU time I mentioned.

It’s imperative to develop good productivity and time management skills from the very beginning.

Upon rising in the morning block out 30-60 minutes of energy generating or quiet time that doesn’t have anything to do with business. Your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet must not be a part of it unless you are using it to workout. You are preparing your mind and body for a productive day. This time is all about you.

Don’t make the mistake of not taking time for you when you are starting and building a business. Every hour of your day does not need to consist of your new business and staring at a computer screen.

After your 30-60 minute of energy generating or quiet time you can plan your productive day. You can always plan your day the night before if you choose.

That’s it for now. I will post part two very shortly. Thanks for reading!


Aug 22

Do Not Come Across As A Marketer

Do not come across as a marketer. This is very important my friend! I guess you are thinking “I am a marketer.” Your thinking is correct, you are a marketer! There is no doubt about it. No matter what you sell or do you are a marketer and a portion of your business is a marketing company.

One of the keys to marketing is not to portray yourself in the “traditional marketing” manner. You are not going to be one of those in your face marketers. You are going to market in a way that your audience will be very receptive of you and want what you have to offer.

You are going to learn to be an influential and persuasive marketer. Every piece of content you produce will influence and persuade your prospect and customers.

Present yourself as the cool relaxing guy at the beach, the uber cool woman at Starbucks or the relaxed hippie at Whole Foods. People are more receptive, familiar, and relatable to Pete the beach guy or Viola the organic queen at Whole Foods. It’s the type of people your prospects deal with every day.

Presenting yourself this way will turn prospects into buyers. I like to call it relatable and relaxed marketing. Think about it for a moment. You have really relaxed and relatable conversions with organic Viola about your organic lifestyle. You are both engaged and excited about being organic fanatics.

When you are having a laidback conversation with your beach neighbor Pete you do not market to him about a beer you just brewed and going to sell. Of course not! You are shooting the breeze and hanging out on the beach!

Here is an example of you and Pete about your amazing new beer.

Pete, what’s up dude! What’s going on man? You know man, enjoying the sun and waves! It’s all about the surf and beach life for me man. What’s happening with you man? Dude I bottled the beer last night that I was telling you about a few weeks ago. Oh yeah I remember you talking about it. We had that long conversation about beer and mixing flavors. Dude, the beer is outrageous. It was a challenge getting the right taste, but I did it. I can’t wait for you to have a cold one and tell me what you think. I am all over that man. You know I will hook you up dude! We can get a couple of guys together and do the bonfire and beer thing. Cool man! Then after that on the market it goes, but we have to enjoy it first.

As you see in the example the conversation is really laid back because it’s between two friends who enjoy the same things; the beach and beer.

This is how you market to your audience. This is how you come across as not being a marketer. Marketing this way will get your audience to see you as a person they can trust and relate to. That is your goal.

Your goal is to get inside the prospects psyche and present what you are offering to solve their problem. Present as if you are sitting on the deck having a beer with your buddy shooting the breeze about baseball or a sports car you want.

Present it as if you are sitting in Starbucks having a blended coffee beverage with your best girlfriend talking about some life experience or the family. You’re laughing, chatting it up, and having a phenomenal time.

Think of those conversations when you are presenting anything to your audience. People are more receptive to simple laid back conversation.

You are a “relaxed and relatable conversional marketer” and you are going to market this way for everything because it doesn’t come across as marketing.

You bring up the problem that is troubling them and elaborate on it. Elaborating means to have a conversation. Make the conversation both negative and positive so the potential customer realizes how bad their problem is. You agitate them, but in a nonchalant manner.

You share your story that is related to the problem. Then you work in oh by the way. When I say “oh by the way” I mean a brief incognito “oh by the way.” Then you go back to the problem and elaborate more.  This is masking you as a marketer and presenting you as a friend with high concern.

Here is an example…..

When I had acne issues I hated it. It embarrassed me and lowered my self-esteem. I knew deep inside the guys didn’t like me. Do you feel the same? Does it make you feel inferior to others? I know it makes me feel that way. I was so self-conscious about my acne. Acne can embarrass you so much that it causes you not to go out and socialize. You want to go out and socialize, fun, and meet that great guy, but you don’t! You know you are a great person with an awesome personality, but your acne holds you back. Aren’t you like that? You know, fun, loving and a great personality! Your friends are sympathetic towards you and make you feel great all around, but you know the acne is still there. I was the exact same way. I used to look in the mirror and said “dreaded acne.” Even though you have a lot to offer, you are fun to be around, and people like you; the acne is still present.

I will stop there because you get a general idea of what I mean. This is why I said you need to get in a niche you are passionate about and have much knowledge. This will cause you and your prospects to click and relate. It will cause you to write phenomenal content that’s very persuasive and very useful.

It’s all in the way you present yourself and your content. It’s all in the way you get inside your future customer’s head and present things. It’s about being a “relaxed and relatable conversional marketer.”

People want to relate to you. They want you to be understanding and really get what they want. They don’t want the cheap suit, smooth talking and flashy used car salesman marketing. They don’t want the hyperbole or an egotist. They want “Hey how goes it? Let me help you figure this out. I know what you mean. I’ve been there and man it wasn’t fun. Let’s do this!” They want to relate!

Again, they want “relaxed and relatable conversional marketer” and that’s exactly what you are going to give them!

In order to build rapport and trust with prospects that will turn into long term paying customers you must not be an egotist or narcissist. No one likes people like that. No one likes self-back patting information. They could care less about how great you are. All they want to know is will what you are offering solve their problem! Keep that in mind when you write or record anything.

Be the person in your market that everyone wants to hear from. Be very passionate about what you are doing. I am talking about sincere and genuine passion. Let that charisma come through in everything you do.

Make it point to become familiar with Aristotle’s Three Modes of Persuasion In Rhetoric: Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Ethos is the appeal to the audience’s sense of honesty and/or authority. Pathos is the appeal to the audience’s sense of emotions. Logos is the appeal to the audience’s sense of logic. When you are finished reading it put it in action and add your personality.

Develop your marketing knowledge every day. Make it a goal to learn as much as you can about marketing and mix it your creativity and knowledge to make it your own. Put this on the top of your list.

Put the time in and become a marketing powerhouse. Study marketing of the past and see what caused success. Bring it to the here and now and make it more successful.

Eight Components of Successful Marketing

  • Conversational and Relatable
  • Educates (detailed)
  • Transparent
  • Laid Back
  • Whimsical
  • Question laden at times
  • Straight forward
  • Engaging

Doing everything I mentioned separates you from others by making your marketing campaigns educational and fun. Yet it’s still excellent marketing. Go forth and become a marketing powerhouse!


Aug 13

Be A Leader and Authority In Your Market

Be a leader and authority in your market. Don’t follow what every marketer is doing.  Do not follow what isn’t causing success.  Be an individual and create a path that is proven.

Set higher standards for yourself and learn all you can. Be better than the best. Never use the phrase “I know that already.” The four word sentence can cause you to miss out on the biggest opportunities of your life.

I’ve always been told not to be a “know it all” and I didn’t take heed to it for a long time, but now I do. Always have the attitude that you are a lifelong student that is ready to learn at the drop of a dime.

Having that type of mindset will keep you on top of the game and you won’t miss out on real business growth opportunities! Also, this will help you to become an authority in your niche. It will help you become a solid leader.

Follow a proven path of success, but throw your personality in the mix. BE DIFFERENT! Be the distinguished leader that your market wants.

When I was 13 I was told to “be a leader and not a follower.” From that moment on I’ve always been an individual and always try to be different from others.

It didn’t make me popular in high school because I didn’t follow anyone. I always marched by the beat of my drum. I never followed anyone on my jobs or in my social circles.

Presently, I am 43, and I still consider myself a leader and not a follower.  Those are words one should live by. Adopt them and really live by it, and see the difference it will make.

With leadership comes some pretty important responsibility. Leadership is not about coming up with the best motivational quote. It’s not about outshining someone else. It’s not about putting yourself on a pedal stool because you think you have all the answers. It’s not about being in the spotlight.

Leadership is about being humble. It’s about being confident and having confidence for others. It’s about building up others so they can become leaders. It’s about shining light on people who think there isn’t an answer or hope. It’s about being unwavering in your skills and decisions. It’s about setting great and high standards.

As a leader you have a vision, a mission, and set of core values. It is up to you to convey them to others so they understand you and what you want to accomplish.

As a leader you take prompt and certain action. You don’t sit and debate if something is right or wrong when you know the correct answer. As a leader you lead people to a path of knowledge, action, and results.

Strive for excellence on a daily basis without hesitation. Do this by consistently improving yourself daily. Continue to strengthen your strengths and consistently work on your weaknesses. Always keep things in constant motion so they can grow.

Even though you are a leader you are still a life-long student. You are always learning. You are always improving your leadership skills. You are improving for you, your customers, and prospects.

As a leader you have Sustained Unwavering Belief. Sustained Unwavering Belief is not buckling under pressure. You stand your ground and believe in what you are teaching others.

You believe in the people that are following you as a leader. You stand in the gap for others. You help bring people experiencing apprehension or uncertainty to certainty. You keep pushing through and pressing through no matter what! You believe in yourself.

It’s funny because sometimes you have no intentions on being a leader. You wake up one day and boom it happens. It happens because you become a very impactful person through all the hours you spent on improvement and your decision to help others.

When leadership knocks on your, wear it well, and be the best leader you can be! Always set great examples and relate to your followers. Remain humble, help others, and do not be afraid of being a lifelong student.



Jul 11

Iron Sharpens Iron

There is a Proverb that I absolutely love and I applied to my former brick and mortar businesses and employees every day. Now I apply it to my online business.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. ~Proverbs 27:17

As entrepreneurs it not just you building an empire and creating financial freedom for yourself; you help out others during your journey.

You were not given talents and knowledge for your own personal gain. You were given talents to help progress others. To be a foundation for others who are on the same journey of building their empire and pressing towards the mark.

Growth happens because we keep information in consistent movement. Growth should never be a selfish act. Of course you want growth for your own reasons, but your growth stimulates the growth of others. Therefore, whenever you decide to go on a growth journey (I like to call it a mind expansion journey) know that you are helping others too. That is iron sharpening iron.

Every day when wake-up, look in the mirror and ask “What can I do for someone today?” Or “How can I positively change someone’s life today?” Thinking that way will get you in the mind frame of iron sharpening iron.

There is someone that’s just starting out right now that needs your advice and expertise. They need to know the details of how you obtained success. They need to know how you handled failure and fear. As an entrepreneur it is your duty to help. This is iron sharpening iron.


Jun 25

A Successful Person

A person who will capitalize off nuggets of wisdom they read or hear is a person that is:

  • Focused
  • Confident
  • Determined
  • Does not follow nonsense
  • Doesn’t fall for glitzy website money claims
  • Persistent
  • Passionate
  • Lifetime student
  • Doesn’t give-up
  • Follows the greats and takes their advice
  • Thinks and expects big
  • Spreads good will and pull others up by their bootstraps
  • Takes colossal action
  • Does not waste time