Aug 13

Be A Leader and Authority In Your Market

Be a leader and authority in your market. Don’t follow what every marketer is doing.  Do not follow what isn’t causing success.  Be an individual and create a path that is proven.

Set higher standards for yourself and learn all you can. Be better than the best. Never use the phrase “I know that already.” The four word sentence can cause you to miss out on the biggest opportunities of your life.

I’ve always been told not to be a “know it all” and I didn’t take heed to it for a long time, but now I do. Always have the attitude that you are a lifelong student that is ready to learn at the drop of a dime.

Having that type of mindset will keep you on top of the game and you won’t miss out on real business growth opportunities! Also, this will help you to become an authority in your niche. It will help you become a solid leader.

Follow a proven path of success, but throw your personality in the mix. BE DIFFERENT! Be the distinguished leader that your market wants.

When I was 13 I was told to “be a leader and not a follower.” From that moment on I’ve always been an individual and always try to be different from others.

It didn’t make me popular in high school because I didn’t follow anyone. I always marched by the beat of my drum. I never followed anyone on my jobs or in my social circles.

Presently, I am 43, and I still consider myself a leader and not a follower.  Those are words one should live by. Adopt them and really live by it, and see the difference it will make.

With leadership comes some pretty important responsibility. Leadership is not about coming up with the best motivational quote. It’s not about outshining someone else. It’s not about putting yourself on a pedal stool because you think you have all the answers. It’s not about being in the spotlight.

Leadership is about being humble. It’s about being confident and having confidence for others. It’s about building up others so they can become leaders. It’s about shining light on people who think there isn’t an answer or hope. It’s about being unwavering in your skills and decisions. It’s about setting great and high standards.

As a leader you have a vision, a mission, and set of core values. It is up to you to convey them to others so they understand you and what you want to accomplish.

As a leader you take prompt and certain action. You don’t sit and debate if something is right or wrong when you know the correct answer. As a leader you lead people to a path of knowledge, action, and results.

Strive for excellence on a daily basis without hesitation. Do this by consistently improving yourself daily. Continue to strengthen your strengths and consistently work on your weaknesses. Always keep things in constant motion so they can grow.

Even though you are a leader you are still a life-long student. You are always learning. You are always improving your leadership skills. You are improving for you, your customers, and prospects.

As a leader you have Sustained Unwavering Belief. Sustained Unwavering Belief is not buckling under pressure. You stand your ground and believe in what you are teaching others.

You believe in the people that are following you as a leader. You stand in the gap for others. You help bring people experiencing apprehension or uncertainty to certainty. You keep pushing through and pressing through no matter what! You believe in yourself.

It’s funny because sometimes you have no intentions on being a leader. You wake up one day and boom it happens. It happens because you become a very impactful person through all the hours you spent on improvement and your decision to help others.

When leadership knocks on your, wear it well, and be the best leader you can be! Always set great examples and relate to your followers. Remain humble, help others, and do not be afraid of being a lifelong student.