Sep 10

Time Management and Productivity Part ll

My mother always said “make sure you eat a good breakfast before starting your day.” Believe me; this does make a huge difference. Therefore make sure you eat! Make sure it is something healthy.

Here are things you need to disconnect from while you are working.


  1. No texting unless it’s an emergency
  2. No Facebook or Twitter
  3. No reading or sending emails
  4. No web surfing unless
  5. Other social media outlets


You can only use any of the above if it is business related. Stick to your plan and be productive. Take this serious and build good productivity habits.

You want to get as much done as you can in a short amount of productive time. If you want to do anything I mentioned above then do it during down time. Yes, down time. It could be the times you’re sitting on your couch watching nonsense television or something. It could be while you are sitting and waiting or commuting by train or bus.

All of the above are time stealers and distractions. Learn to manage your time with each one. Set a specific amount of time you want to spend on everything I mentioned above. Set a timer and stop when it goes off.


For Facebook, make sure you don’t waste time going through other people’s pages to read their useless drama, look at pictures, and watch videos. If you use Facebook as an avenue for your business do just that.

As for Twitter, don’t waste time reading useless Tweets. Get on there to Tweet, re-Tweet, and follow. Forget the useless drama!


Pick a time that you will spend with email. If you are one that always checks email when you hear the notification chime you must stop that behavior immediately.

It’s important you have an email address that is strictly for business emails as well as emails from friends and family. Keep them separate and organized. If you must subscribe to unnecessary junk, which I totally do not recommend. Use a separate email for that too.

Don’t jump to reply to text message as soon as it comes in. Everything is not an emergency. If it’s something that needs your immediate attention then respond immediate. If not, give yourself a time frame to respond.

I remember when I used to get text messages I would respond the second it came through. I developed a horrible habit. I used to keep my phone with me all the time. Now I put it on the counter when I come in the house and  it stays.

Developing good productivity and time management habits will condition your mind not to waste time with these outlets. They are productivity time stealers if you don’t manage them well.

Make it a point to let everyone know about your texting, email, and social media habits so they know you are not ignoring them.

I check my email three times a day. Once in the morning, mid to late afternoon, and once in the evening. I respond to non-emergency text messages twice a day.

Developing great time management and productivity skills will definitely help keep you on track with your business.

Set your time up in uninterrupted focused segments. Your segment should be about 60-120 minutes. During your time segments you can’t do anything that doesn’t have to do with the reason you scheduled the time.

If you are having trouble with managing your time I advise you to use an alarm/timer and a white board or poster board.

Keep track of everything you do when it comes to your business. This will help you see where you spend most of your time and what you need to scale back on.

Make it a point to have some down time in between the focused work segments. It’s a good thing to shut your mind off for a while and incorporate relaxation time. This is in addition to the 30-60 minute energizing morning time. This is a perk of having a business!

That’s it for now! Until next time be prosperous, positive, and go out there and kick butt, make deals, and take names.