Aug 25

Time Management & Productivity Part 1


The way you approach your day is very important. It plays a major factor in your entrepreneur lifestyle, your success, and your life period.

Set your day up in short time increments so you won’t get burned out. There is no need to sit hours upon hours in front of the computer. It is out of balance and you need breaks.

Make sure you are very productive when you decide on the times you will work. Make sure your time is being spent on things that will impact you and your business in a positive manner. When it’s work time it is game on!

You can’t waste your time on things that will not progress you or your business during working hours. Every night before you relax and shut down your mind; know that the next day will bring forth productivity. You are going to hit the ground running after you have YOU time.


Ask yourself this question frequently while you are working…..

Is this the best use of my time?

Post it where you can see it!

Ask when you are idling on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media outlet. Ask when you are surfing the web beyond the research you need to do. Ask when you are texting beyond what needs to be texted.


Your day needs to have structure whether you are just starting your business, or it is already established. Don’t be the person that rolls over as soon as you open your eyes and check stats on your phone, turn on your laptop, send out email, or do Facebook or Twitter updates. That is not productivity. That is being addictive and developing bad habits. Don’t forget the YOU time I mentioned.

It’s imperative to develop good productivity and time management skills from the very beginning.

Upon rising in the morning block out 30-60 minutes of energy generating or quiet time that doesn’t have anything to do with business. Your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet must not be a part of it unless you are using it to workout. You are preparing your mind and body for a productive day. This time is all about you.

Don’t make the mistake of not taking time for you when you are starting and building a business. Every hour of your day does not need to consist of your new business and staring at a computer screen.

After your 30-60 minute of energy generating or quiet time you can plan your productive day. You can always plan your day the night before if you choose.

That’s it for now. I will post part two very shortly. Thanks for reading!